National Peanut Festival Pageant Audio

Post House Production provides the services for recording the audio used during the pageant evening gown walk segment.  

Audio scripts are compiled and placed on a teleprompter so that we can expedite the recording process with many contestants on the same day.

When your audio script is ready, please complete this form. Please prepare your audio script using notepad or any other word processor where formatting can be removed. To emphasize words, you can use all upper case characters.  Do not add any additional spaces for timing to your script copy. We will format the pace in the teleprompter.  Copy and paste your *un-formatted* script into the script text box below. 

After submitting the form, you will be taken to a different website, our online e-commerce site at to pay for the recording service. If you chose to pay online the price is $10. You may also pay onsite on recording day and the price is $15 Cash only.

If your pop up blocker is giving you trouble, here is a direct link to the product on our other website for online payment.

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